Dora Library, fire department work with officials to bring high speed internet, cell phone coverage to our district

With help from Senator Jeff Merkley’s office and from Commissioner Melissa Cribbins, a meeting was set up for local people to meet with Frontier to talk about the possibility of federal funds helping to bring high speed internet to Dora, Sitkum, and McKinley.

At the meeting, Frontier representatives said that it was likely (though not certain) that they would be able to upgrade their system to offer high speed internet to customers in the fire district during 2018.

The lack of cell phone coverage in most parts of the fire district has become more than an inconvenience to residents and visitors—it has become a public safety hazard. Senator Merkley’s Field Representative, Amy Amrhein, helped us connect with US Cellular. We hope that US Cellular will conduct a feasibility study to see if the company could provide a cell signal that would reach Sitkum and Dora.